Our Current Campaign

Please contribute to our current fund-raising campaign. We are on track to launch our Internet station in mid-January of 2016. Our low-power, community-focused, noon-commercial FM radio station for Paso Robles will also be heard world-wide thorough this Web site. However, we’re sill in need of many resources, including, of course, cash. If you can, CLICK HERE to make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION today. Through your good-will (and, of course, your savvy end-of-year tax planning), your donation will allow us to obtain the following:


  1. American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) license: $200.00/year
  2. Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) license: $350.00/year
  3. SESAC license: $150/year
  4. Sound Exchange license: $300.00/year
  5. Additional royalites: (2016 estimate) $500.00 

Our projected 2016 licence fees (total): $1,500.00

As a noncommercial broadcast radio station, we cannot simply play any music we want, at least legally. These licenses keep us in compliance with recording artist and publisher royalties. They in effect give the “permission” needed to broadcast over the FM airwaves. When playing songs over the radio, only the authors, composers, and writers of a song must be compensated (that is, the owners of the “musical work” copyright). However, when streaming songs over the Internet, the performers/producers must be compensated as well (that is, the owners of the “sound recording” copyright, which is usually assigned to record labels). The Librarian of Congress has entrusted SoundExchange to collect and distribute this compensation and thus the 4th of our broadcast licenses.

If a cash donation is not possible at this time, see what other “Stuff We Need“.