Stuff We Need

We have been fortunate to have received a grant from the Union Pacific Foundation to purchase all of our broadcasting equipment (transmitter, encoder, cables, etc) but there’s so much more to a well-rounded multi-faceted radio station. Here’s what we’re focusing on right now:

  1. CD or vinyl collections; we’d like to increase our music library in the following genera:
    1. Reggae, ska, reggaeton, and dub
    2. Electronic-Synthpop from the 80s
    3. Blues of any era
    4. Progressive country (no not your usual AM fodder – but definitely country swing from the present AND past)
    5. Alt-rock, especially from year 2000 and later
    6. Big band/swing
    7. Crooners of the 40s, 50s, & 60s
    8. Any special collection of value
  2. One (or two) high-quality turntables (some of our radio talent still like to spin vinyl) 

And most of all we need YOU! We are looking for talent in virtually all areas including:

  1. News: News-writing, news-gathering, news reporting, and on-air presentation for our ALL LOCAL theme
  2. Music: On-air talent with radio DJ experience (Send us your contact information using the form below). Shows we already have include:
    1. Salon Notes – an all-female music show hosted by the “Special Ks”
    2. Blues Bayou – a look at the blues through history
    3. Really! Good Country! – No AM play here just great pickers, fiddlers, vocals, and lyrics
    4. My own “Masters of the Slide Guitar” – a look at the best slide and pedal-steel guitar players, whatever the genre 
  3. Sports: Sports-writing, reporting, and on-air presentation for our ALL LOCAL theme (no NFL, NHL, or MLB here – just Paso, Atascadero, Templeton, Cal Poly, Cuesta-centric sports, . . . and, of course, coverage of the Tour of California.
  4. Local interest: If you’ve a local specialty and a background in radio or podcasting . . . what we’ve got on tap at this time already are the following shows:
    1. Freewheelin’ with Steve Fleury (Cycling)
    2. Astronomy with Joseph Carro (well, astronomy, of course)
    3. Veterinary news and pet care with Dr. Dan Jones
    4. Technically Speaking with Trey Robinson from Nology Computers
    5. The Paso month in review with Paso Mayor Steve Martin 

Ideas? Get in touch: